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Core DDI Advanced Troubleshooting (CDAT)

Core DDI Advanced Troubleshooting (CDAT)

Parametre akcie:

  • Minimálny počet účastníkov: 3
  • Maximálny počet účastníkov: 15
  • Uzávierka prihlášok: 12. 8. 2018
  • Cena kurzu: 1.600,00 EUR
Výrobca: Infoblox

Pozor: Na akcii si prineste vlastný notebook!

Cena: 1600 EUR
Školení probíhá v anglickém jazyce
Lokalita: Praha
Délka školení: 2 dny

Understand the Infoblox support process and tools available to assist your Core DDI troubleshooting efforts. Learn to build and troubleshoot high availability (HA) pairs and Grids. Study common root cause analysis and resolution strategies and techniques for network connectivity and DNS and DHCP issues. Use a case-study approach to apply your learnings to real-life failure scenarios and recovery methods.
This is an advanced-level course for team members who provide day-to-day management, operations, and technical support of the Infoblox DDI product.

• Housekeeping
• Infoblox Support
• Troubleshooting
• Expert Topics
• Grid and Grid Members
• Dynamic DNS
• Service Failure-Recovery
• Exercises

Requirements: Persons attending this course should have a working knowledge of networking concepts, Windows and UNIX, and experience with TCP/IP and the Internet. Please be prepared that training covers also IPv6 configurations. The knowledge from CDBC/CDIC course and CDBC/CDIC certification is required.
Certificate: Exam is passed online via web page. It contains 70 single and multiple-choice, scenario-based questions. It is an open book exam but it is not easy. A passing score is 80% or higher. Please allot around 4 hours’ time to take the exam. Two attempts are included in training price. The CDAT exam requires that you have scored CDBC and CDIC certification.
Trainer: Authorized Infoblox Trainer.

  • Dátum a čas 20. 8. 2018, 09:00 až 21. 8. 2018, 16:30
  • Miesto Šafaříkova 201/17, Praha 2

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